Want to know more ? I’m obsessed with little books set
in Baskerville, the young Huppert, depths of uk speed
garage or vocals of 90s deep house cuts...

Based in Paris, I recently went and worked in Switzerland at Ecal for six months. Some time ago I also had the chance to work in London at Studio Mathias Clottu. I'm currently ending my master's degree in graphic design in Paris at Ensad (MFA).

I mostly love to do books and websites. As a book enthusiast, typography was the first important thing I studied and practiced at École Estienne in Paris four years ago (BA). It introduced me to the beautiful world of litterature and poetry. Now, thanks to some trips and other lessons, I also believe in the infinite creative and expanding possibilities that web coding and designing allow.

Please, feel free to write me a mail for more infos, a complete portfolio and CV or for any reason.

+33 (0) 6 42 03 86 37 +33 (0) 6 42 03 86 37