Léa Guillon is a graphic designer and developer based in Paris.

Alongside her design and coding practice, she is continuing her research
on the links between language, design, art, poetry and communication.

In September 2023, she has launched SLANT editions, a mail art and publishing project through which she sends a fragment of literature, an image or a drawing, every fortnight to a community of friends, artists, designers and writers.
In response, the subscribers can send a free production linked to the fragment, and see their production published online at www.ibuildmytime.com/slant. In 2024, SLANT will gather all contributions in a printed publication.

Her current projects involve working for photographers, doing freelance missions for graphic design studios, developing websites or making books.


contact@leaguillon.fr       @ibuildmytime

Contact for more informations
or a portfolio with commissioned projects.
(cv at this link)

She worked with and for the national school of arts ENSAD, Marie Valognes, Lewis Ronald, Studio Mathias Clottu, Gemma Janes, Camille Morin, Charles Guilhembet, Marie Ward Acouri, César Debargue, Alana Frances Baer, Marie-Ange Guilleminot, Syndicat and Empire Books, Maison de Correction, Jade Deshayes, Lise Grancher, students of Sorbonne Master’s degree on Contemporary Art, Ohlman Consorti, AM+PM Studio (Angèle Moraiz and Paul Mougeot), Samuel Bonnet and Maël Fournier-Comte.

She obtained her MA in Graphic Design with high honors at the national school of Decorative Arts in Paris, ENSAD, followed a semester in the Graphic Design bachelor of the ECAL in Lausanne, Switzerland and has a degree on typography from École Estienne, Paris.